Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Address: 560 Manhattan Ave.

We don't know about you, but the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint is probably the very last place we'd look for a bar that's going to play hip-hop, especially one that looks like it has a jukebox with not one album new enough to have came out on CD. However, Enid's is not only a bar that plays hip-hop, but a restaurant that risks its furniture to let people go full Miley Cyrus. Anyone who attended the infamously fun Baller's Eve parties at this spot (first Fridays and second Saturdays, monthly) knows it's a go-to for such things in the neighborhood. So, next time one of your "friends" tries swindle you into a night of whiskeys on the yawns in the 'burg, tell em to meet you at Enid's. By the time you hand them a Harrison (frozen drink warning), they'll thank you for defying them.