Inspired by a poll where Europeans sounded off on other European countries, Business Insider linked up with SurveyMonkey Audience to find out how Americans feel about other states. A total of 1,603 people were polled and the data was plotted on maps where the darkest shaded area represents the greatest concentration of votes. Depending on where you're from or reside, the results were hilarious.

New York was named both the rudest and most arrogant state, securing 44 percent of the votes for the former and 39 percent for the latter. Tell 'em how you really feel, America! Conversely, Georgia was voted the "nicest" state. If it's any consolation, New York also won the best food vote, so there's that.

Other highlights were California having the craziest residents and hottest residents, as well as being named the favorite state. Louisiana was named the drunkest state, probably on the strength of Mardi Gras.

[via Business Insider]