Netflix made a promise back in June that they were bringing personalized user profiles to accounts, and today the feature finally arrived.

If you're stingy about sharing your account with family and close friends, this might sway you in the other direction: now a single account can hold multiple profiles, so you, your girl, sister, or whoever you'd like, can have their own movie recommendations and viewing lists all to themselves. You can open this for up to five profiles, and they don't have to be for individual people either: you can make a profile named "Parents" for both your mom and pops to save space. Now your dad's love for 80s actions flicks won't be screwing up your profile any longer. Personalized recommendations are a huge feature of Netflix, and if you're having trouble finding good flicks in Netflix's sea of titles, well, you just might think the whole thing sucks. 

User profiles should roll out to the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV within the next few days, and to all Netflix customers by the middle of August.

[via CNN]