Age: 33
Notable films: Antiviral (2013)

You have to respect Brandon Cronenberg's gutsiness. For his feature film debut, Antiviral, the Canadian newbie made a sterile, cold, and thoroughly engrossing exercise in body horror, set in a depressing future where celebrities' diseases are legally sold to star-obsessed fans wealthy enough to afford them. With its scenes of grotesque limb distortion and ickiness, it falls directly in line with body horror classics like The Brood, Videodrome, and The Fly—you know, those genre mainstays directed by the almighty David Cronenberg, a.k.a. Brandon's father.

Antiviral immediately drew comparisons to the older Cronenberg's filmography, something that Brandon must have anticipated. But, to his credit, he didn't give a damn. Its obvious connections to David's work aside, Brandon's debut is a singular vision, one that's even less accessible than daddy's weirdest movies but also envisioned through a well-thought-out, fully lived-in, futuristic society that's basically the most ghoulish exaggeration of TMZ imaginable. —MB