Good news AT&T users: you have a date. August 23, that is.

AT&T will begin selling Google and Motorola's latest creation, the Moto X smartphone, starting on August 23. You'll be able to personalize your Moto X online using Moto Maker, Motorola's design system that lets you customize the phone and place an engraving on the backplate. The black and white versions of the phone will be available online and in stores that Monday. The 16 GB edition will go for $200, while the 32 GB will go for $250 (with a two-year contract; they always get ya). You can watch the video above for a look at AT&T's promotion of the phone. 

If you head to AT&T's website, you can register your "interest" for the phone, and be entered to win a special spot to order your Moto X four days in advance on the 19th. 

[via The Verge]