The Power Rangers were the Beatles of children's television. Their number of store appearances, signings, panel interviews, and other promos pretty much matched the number of screaming fans in attendance—which was in the millions. OK, that's a bit hyperbolic, but when you've got so many people35,000 to be exactcoming to your event that you create an eight-mile-long traffic jam, that's got to be what it feels like.

Levy: I think it was 1996, backstage at Universal Studios. We were doing this event with D.A.R.E. People kept running in and telling us, "You're not going to believe what's happening on the freeway! They closed the freeway!" Haim and I were looking at each other. I don't save too many pictures, but I have this one picture on my wall of us from that day—Haim and me with the Power Rangers. We look happy and shocked. I felt like Paul McCartney when they came out of the Pan-American flight the first time the Beatles went to the U.S. and all those people were outside. I thought, "Oh my God. That's what it must feel like." It was unbelievable.


[The Power Rangers] were doing this event with D.A.R.E. People kept running in and telling us, 'You're not going to believe what's happening on the freeway! They closed the freeway!' —Shuki Levy


Johnson: The most vivid memory was when we went to Hawaii for an appearance. We didn't realize how huge the show was until we landed at the airport and 10,000 people had come to see us! We had no security and nearly got lei'd to death. I remember Jason Frank in front of me with so many leis on him that I could only see his eyes. It was quite frightening.

I once got a piece of fan mail from a little girl named Remy. I'm not sure how the whole thing went down, but we ended up writing each other back and forth and becoming great friends. She's now a life-long friend.

Fielding: The day we shot the pilot was the most memorable for me. That was my first time being in front of a camera in Los Angeles. Filming at the studio where we did the voice recording was always great because Star Trek: The Next Generation was recording upstairs, so I would pass people in the elevator and go, "Oh, hey. That's Patrick Stewart. How're you doing?"

Goodson: Back in the ‘90s, the cast was doing a fundraiser for a children’s foundation at Target. I did my Rita voice and made this little boy cry. I met him 20 years later at the Power Rangers convention in Los Angeles, and he told me I made him cry and I remembered! Then I did the voice and he pretended to cry. It was sorta cute.

FrankBeing on Power Rangers was a great experience. My favorite memories would have to be the time I spent filming with my brother. He played David Truehart during Power Rangers Zeo. Its something that will stay with me always. Also, filming with the original team and playing pranks was always fun.