In total, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers produced 145 episodes and a movie, which premiered in theaters in 1995. Just as fans have their favorites eps, the cast and crew do, too.

Levy: When the show got on the air, we had to provide the network with a certain number of episodes but suddenly there was one episode missing. So we had to write and shoot and produce an entirely new ep within three days. It's called "Foul Play in the Sky," episode 14.

Our producer, Ronnie Hadar, and I used to go flying a lot. He had a Cessna plane and I said, "The only thing is to create the story with the Cessna because we'll be in the air for most of the story." [Laughs.] It turned out to be a really cute story, and the fact that it was pretty successful as an episode in terms of the reactions made me very happy.

Frank: I would say "Fighting Spirit," because I was able to battle all my old Rangers that returned from the past. It was a little darker, but something that I definitely wanted to do for that age group.

Johnson: "Switching Places," or the one where Billy and Kim turn into punks, was my favorite. It was the most fun as an actor.

Fielding:  I liked the last one with Zordon (which happens in the series, Power Rangers in Space). It was the culmination of the long story arc that dealt with the cost of the Rangers' triumph. The writers struck that nice balance of keeping the tone of the show while injecting this moment of seriousness. It was nice that a kids show had that sort of emotional weight.

Wasserman: "Pudgy Pig." There could not have been a dumber episode. Whoever did the voiceover for those pig sounds did a great job. I remember watching that episode thinking, "This thing can hardly walk and the costume is so lame." It was really funny. All you had to do was sneak up behind it and light it on fire.

Goodson: When Lord Zedd and I got married (in a three-part season two episode called "The Wedding"). It was the start of a Ricky and Lucy kind of relationship.