A Sunday argument over money escalated to a man hanging onto the hood of his wife's SUV before she crashed the vehicle and killed him. Law enforcement officials told the New York Post that the man could be heard screaming "Stop the car!" which only made his wife speed up, eventually exceeding 80 miles per hour.

According to authorities, 34-year-old Matthew Soria drove up to 51-year-old Maria Espinosa on his bike as she attempted to enter her Ford Explorer. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who mentioned past domestic violence issues between the couple, said an argument over money soon ensued. Apparently, Soria wanted the keys to the vehicle and cash.

When Soria tried to block Espinosa from getting into the vehicle, she pushed him out of the way, resulting in him jumping onto the hood. After trying to shake him off, she darted down Jamaica Avenue with Soria hanging onto the hood for dear life. After making a U-Turn and speeding down Jamaica Avenue in the opposite direction, Espinosa hit a car, pinning Soria between the two vehicles.

He was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital, and two other people in the other vehicle were taken there as well with minor injuries. Espinosa was later charged with murder.

The couple had been married for 11 years.

[via New York Post]