This guy made it very easy for the LAPD. Earlier this morning, a man was arrested after trying to rob a marijuana dispensary in the San Pedro section of Los Angeles because he fell through the roof and ended up needing the help of authorities to free him. Neighbors reportedly heard glass breaking and a man screaming for help, which typically signals a crime. 

Police arrived to find Jared Escando, 26, wedged between the front door and the clinic. Apparently, he tried to break into the dispensary through the roof in a haphazard attempt to get to the green—the money and the weed. He missed. Lt. John Pasquariello of the LAPD told LAist that after they set Escando free, they did the logical thing: Arrested him. He was taken to county jail after receiving treatment for minor injuries sustained during his fall.

He's not well-suited for a life of crime.

[via LAist]