Scrappy and Erica, along with their OG mamas, again addressed the problems of their relationship. Excuse me—problem, and her name is Momma Dee. A defiant Momma Dee refused to admit she should step back from her son’s personal relationships. However, she did admit she went too far in telling Erica’s mama, Mingnon, to smoke a “straight shooter.” For those unaware of what that is, Mona had Momma Dee explain that a “straight shooter” is a crack pipe. Mingnon is an ex-crack addict, though she’s 11 years sober—making Momma Dee twice as trife for it.

The conversation moved to whether Erica believes Scrappy was faithful in their relationship. She answered in the negative and Scrappy accused her of messing with a married man. Last week, Scrappy admitted he was lying just to spite her. In other words, he was willing to soil the reputation of the mother of his child just because she made him mad by telling the truth. And yet, he told Mona that he’s continues to try and win Erica back “because that’s my love.” 

Shay was eventually invited on stage and she continued to be the bitter pill she was all season. Flavor Flav didn't want Shay. Scrappy only wants Shay some of the time. Iyanla, fix her life. And Shay, quit whining about Erica taking out her purported issues on you if you constantly come for her neck.

Line of the night honors go to Erica, who told Shay, “You the family pet. Don’t you ever forget it.”