Apple wasn't ever going to have a smooth ride after the passing of its co-founder, Steve Jobs, but you'd have to look far and wide to find someone who thought Apple would be doomed. Now, one of the biggest names in Silicon Valley has made his opinion known when it comes to the future of Apple, and it isn't pretty.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison recently sat down with CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose. Rose asked Ellison what he thought of the state of Apple without his friend, Jobs. "Well, we already know," Ellison said. "We conducted the experiment. It's been done," he continued, referring to the time Jobs was fired from Apple. 

"We saw Apple with Steve Jobs," Ellison said, as he raised a finger and pointed to the sky. "We saw Apple without Steve Jobs." The finger shot down.

"We saw Apple with Steve Jobs," Ellison said as he pointed back up. "And now, we're going to see Apple without Steve Jobs."

Check out the video above for a piece of the Ellison interview.

[via All Things D]