Complex readers know Jamie Shupak as the dating columnist who held them down for over a year, with advice about everything from first dates to moving in. The traffic reporter at NY1, she penned a weekly column called—what else?—"Getting Around Town With Jamie Shupak." Now she's selling her first novel.

It was recently announced that Jamie sold Trans-It Girl, her debut, to Polis Books, a digital start-up publisher. The novel tells the story of Guiliana Layne, a traffic reporter reeling from a bad breakup who starts writing a gossip column. The novel, Jamie says, is somewhat autobiographical.

“On a base level, the description is of me. But a lot of the traits are so not me. Maybe it’s things that I wish I did,” she told the New York Observer.

Trans-It Girl will be available this November. Congrats, Jamie.

[via New York Observer]