A glitch is being blamed for opening all of the doors in a maximum security wing of a Florida prison—but it could be something more. 

It happened in June at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami. In the above video, which was only recently released, you can see that some of the inmates react to the doors opening with, not surprise, but precision. A few inmates quickly group together and begin a search—when they find their target, they move in. One of the inmates in pursuit of the man supposedly had a shank that was given to him by another inmate—remember, this is happening all within a minute or so of the doors opening. The man being sought by the group jumps from the second floor to escape their attack, and breaks his ankle and fractured vertebrae in the process. 

Due to this video, there are whispers that the doors' "glitch" was in fact a plan set up by hackers. Some of the guards have even said the situation seemed suspicious. What's more is that this was the second time in two months that the doors have opened unexpectedly, leading people to believe that the first time was to see how long it would have taken the guards to respond. The questions left are: was it an inside job by guards, or did someone hack in from the outside?

[via Wired]