Guys. GUYS. First things first, we're just going to leave this right here:

If you're not familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy, this GIF might seem a little strange to you. Like, 'hey guys, why is there a vicious raccoon firing off a machine gun like he's trying to star in a remake of Scarface on my screen? What is this movie you're trying to tell us about?' Well—that up there is Rocket Raccoon, and he is a superhero who is also a talking raccoon. He also knows how to fire a heavy machine gun, because of REASONS.

That said...two clips of footage from Guardians of the Galaxy have finally leaked online after premiering at San Diego Comic-Con last month and the recent D23 expo. They're short clips, only clocking in at about 15 seconds each, but they do give us a good look at John C. Reilly, let us hear Peter Serafinowicz call the Guardians of the Galaxy "a bunch of a-holes," and, of course, show us Rocket Raccoon plus machine gun. We think we see Chris Pratt there at the end of the first one too, it's hard to tell. We'll just go with yes.

You can check the first clip up above, and the second clip below.


[via Uproxx]