Unlike most deleted scenes, it's actually difficult to tell why this one got the ax. Perhaps, as Uproxx theorizes, the running time of three and a half minutes was its downfall in the end, but still—it's an unfortunate omission, because the scene actually does a lot to explain certain plot twists and includes an A+ Method One Acting Clinic performance from Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister.

We won't spoil too much from the scene because you can watch it right up there, but basically, it involves Tywin using the craziest fishing contraption in the Seven Kingdoms while Pycelle actually becomes an interesting character and asks Tywin for his job back. Tywin is ruthless, and also, who woulda thought he'd be catching his own dinner?

You can check out the clip above. Game of Thrones won't return to TV until NEXT SPRING because life sucks.

[via Uproxx]