Leave it to Florida to create a camp based on The Hunger Games. The Country Day School in Largo, Fla. has created a summer camp based on the film, but there's no literal killing. Rather than duels to the death, campers play flag football, where collected flags count as kills. Parents questioned the ethics of this approach, so they changed things up to make them politically correct:

When parents balked at the violent rhetoric, the camp opted to alter the meaning of the flags to the more euphemistic “collecting lives.

But, of course, kids get carried away when they're having fun. Camp counselors and even the director had to bring campers back down to earth when they kept bringing up violence. Lindsey Gillette, head counselor, said that the violence was "off-putting" in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. The camp was forced to reroute itself, focusing on team-building activities rather than fierce competition.

The presence of Jennifer Lawrence would smooth things over, but that ain't happening.

[via NewsFeed]