This is quite possibly the most Florida way to get caught cheating imaginable. The hilariously named Lindsay Longbottom decided to step out on her relationship, so she and Vincent Ewell did what all conspiring teens would do in this situation: They broke into a high school to have sex.

Longbottom, 19, and Ewell, 18, were arrested earlier this week in Daytona Beach, Fla. after sneaking into Mainland High School, having sex and damaging vending machines because they had the "beer munchies." Police officers were summoned after an alarm went off and said they heard glass break before finding the dynamic duo hiding in a car just as they arrived.

Upon inspecting the premises, officers reported "finding open doors and vandalized vending machines." Longbottom and Ewell allegedly told police that they had to use the school as their secret F-shack because Longbottom has a boyfriend. Why not get it on in a car?

Both were charged with burglary.

[via WPBF]