Facebook is slowly giving in to everything that makes Twitter, well, Twitter: first came the public profiles with followers, then #hashtags, and now it's bringing trending topics to its Newsfeed.

Not so quickly, though: Facebook is rolling out the feature to everyone only to a limited number of users today (as is always the case with new Facebook features), and it may only be appearing in mobile apps. So, now, the "Trending Topics" section will be including people and things you may not know or be interested in: if someone has a popular post going, and you don't know them, well, they'll show up here. Below is an image of what the mobile version to "Trending Topics" will look like, with everyone's favorite baseball star clearly a topic of interest:

Don't hold your breath, it may take a while for this new section to show up in your Newsfeed, if ever. Remember, there's a new version of the Newsfeed out right now—and barely anyone has it.

[via The Verge]