When was the last time a random hottie you've never met messaged you out of the blue on Facebook? The answer is never. If you think the answer is anything else and you aren't Ryan Gosling, then you're wrong. You just haven't yet admitted to yourself that you've been propositioned by a porn bot. It's okay. We've all been deceived. We all wish we lived in a world where random attractive women searched us out of the millions of people on Facebook just to show us no strings attached photos of their freshly waxed you-know-whats, but that isn't reality. We're sorry to be the ones to pull the porn bot veil from your eyes, but the sooner you realize that the only time random attractive women contact you online is when your company's HR department has to send you an email the better off you'll be. Be careful out there. Hopefully you find real love, but if not, at least we hope that you'll know when you're heartstrings are being tugged in hopes of convincing you to tug it to some random webcam.