Conquering the world, the galaxy, or the universe, should seem like a pretty manageable task considering the resources normally at hand.

Meglomaniacs, would-be-gods, genocidal dictators, and trans-dimensional space machines normally have legions of firepower and endless followers to aid in their quest for absolute subjugation. Why is it that they always manage to fail so spectacularly?

That's normally the fault of players at large. We are the ones tasked with thwarting galactic dominance. If it weren't for us, dread-lords of the 9th circle, and the unstoppable armies of warp riders, would have no problems crushing all of reality under their bootheels. So, thanks.

Although, if we weren't in the way, these tips would be a good place to start to you're planning on taking over the galaxy. How to Conquer the World: A GIF Tutorial

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