Nev tried to convince Artis that despite Jess being a fake with a penchant for porn star pictures, genuine feelings existed. Sure, assuming he meant anger. Max and Nev tried to get Jess on the phone, but that wasn’t happening. Instead, she wrote them back. In fact, she made Max and Nev prove their identities to her. 

Once we arrived at the meet and greet, Jess turned out to be Justin, who reminded me of Al Boreland from Home Improvement. Justin slowly clapped as he approaches Artis, who at this points looked as though he was about to catch a case. Justin said he wanted to “talk” to Artis, who couldn’t be any less interested in conversation. In turn, Justin quipped, "You can still be my chocolate kiss, baby." Somewhere, Artis’ baby mama was shouting, "THAT'S WHAT YOUR ASS GETS FOR CHEATING ON FACEBOOK!" Artis walked off before committing a crime in front of a camera.

Bewildered, Nev said to Justin, “Obviously, you’re gay.” Justin said he wasn't, then went on to explain that he’s using his power—pretending to be someone else online—to teach cheaters like Artis a lesson. So he's the Catfish Dexter. Sure.