The thing about reality TV show reunions is that they only work for certain kind of shows. Specifically, the ones that combine dynamic characters with various plotlines. That said, this doesn’t always work when your characters are socially awkward people in need of friends. No shade, but there’s only so much you’re going to get from people who go on TV to find out if they were lied to. Such was the case for Jen, who really didn’t have much of an update about her story with Brian, aka Skylar the Sociopath. It was interesting to watch him almost get jumped by Max and Nev after he told Jen that he only used her to step his game up and had no remorse about deceiving her, but not so much in the aftermath. He didn’t show up, obviously, and all she did was talk about her dog while explaining why she turned to the Internet for companionship—something she had already revealed. 

Likewise, Loyda and Ramon could have remained in the past. Their story proved to be sketchy even by Catfish standards and their update was much ado about nothing. Ramon claimed he doesn’t want to bother speaking to someone “like that” online ever again. More lies you tell, sir. More lies you tell.

Both of these segments proved mighty short, which is probably why we learned “fascinating” things about Max and Nev, including fun facts about the hotels they stay in during filming. Riveting.