Average rent: $1,671
Lifestyle perk: 42 miles of beaches, ‘nuff said
Total days of sunshine: 281
Average yearly temperature: 73°

Ever watch the TV series The O.C.?  Well the real Orange County is just like that, just without all the drama.

Sure, the O.C. can't compete with NYC in sheer size. After all, what city can? However, it is located right next to the second busiest seaport in the United States in Long Beach (NYC is third), and has an almost Mediterranean climate that the Big Apple could never provide.

Whether it's Laguna, Newport, or Mission Viejo, the O.C. is filled with affluence and beach culture that can only be found on the sunny shores of Southern California. It's a simple equation. You can continue to ride the L train for the rest of your life, or you can ditch your metrocard for a surf board and ride the waves instead. Your move.