Average rent: $1,637
Lifestyle perk: Partying with the stars
Total days of sunshine: 292
Average yearly temperature: 66°

It's already been established that Los Angeles is better than New York. But, if you need it, here's further proof.

L.A. has immaculate weather, beautiful people, ample outdoor activities (hiking, surfing, sun bathing) and entertainment options (movies, concerts, sports), phenemonal food (tacos!), and above all, more laid back people. Forget the rat race that is NYC, and instead, enjoy life the way it's meant to be enjoyed—with sunshine, history, and amazing food trucks. Don't act like you couldn't get used to that.

The capital of showbiz, L.A. is the place artists and hustlers alike go to dwell amongst the stars. Whether it's the posh hills of Beverly, the eccentric West Hollywood, or the laid back Santa Monica, L.A. offers everything that New Yorkers only dream about. It's no wonder that one New York winter night in 1963, John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas came up with the hit California Dreamin'.

Yes, the L.A. traffic can be miserable, but it's only car traffic. In comparison, New York has car traffic and foot traffic, and awful congestion on the subway. 

Bonus points: L.A. is a car ride away from Vegas. Let the mistakes begin!