"Live Free or Die"
Season 5, Episode 1

The first episode of the final season opened with a bang: a flashforward to a future where a full-bearded Walt is on the run. First, though, business had to be taken care of in the present. After Gus's explosive death, the police took his laptop, which had vital information leading to Walt, Jesse and Mike's involvement in his drug empire. Mike advises that they flee the city, but Jesse brings up the idea of using magnets to erase the data on the laptop. But how were they going to get to a laptop in the evidence room of a police station?

Walt devises a plan that uses an industrial electromagnet attached to a truck to destroy the laptop's data, without having to break in. The plan works: the magnet is strong enough to destroy the laptop—along with everything else in the evidence room—without them ever having to go in. The trio ditch the truck and escape, and when Mike is worried about the plan's success, Walt assures him it did, "Because I say so."