If you don't have time to rewatch the entire series of Breaking Bad on Netflix before the final episodes begin airing on August 11th, two things: One, you should make time because it's Breaking Bad, and two, good news, there's another way to refresh your memory of past seasons' plot lines. Just watch this clip of Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical, which, exactly like the title suggests, features pint-sized versions of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring (plus one gigantic life-sized version of Walt's signature Blue Sky meth) singing upbeat medleys about life, what it means to break bad, and how easy it is to lose yourself to "blue rock candy." 

No joke: This clip is incredible, and absolutely worth the nearly six minutes you will spend watching it. Highlights include a kid Gus Fring sing-questioning Walt and Jesse if they're "chickens like the chickens in my chicken restaurant?" and Walt singing to Gus, "how are you singing? I blew up half your face." The appearance from a mini Tio Salamanca is also both accurate and epic.

You can (and absolutely should) check out the clip above. If these kids are our future, we're pretty sure the world's going to be just fine.

[via Uproxx]