With the shadow of Alex Rodgriuez's monumental suspension looming large over MLB this week, Avi Steinberg switches the focus from the players to the sportswriters in her latest article for the New Yorker. As many infamous steroid-users come to a vote for their enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Steinberg breaks down the holier-than-thou attitude that voting sportswriters have taken, despite the undeniable complicity they shared in failing to report upon the cheating and scandals of the era as they were happening. As a result, the Hall of Fame is bereft of any new and exciting entrees. In a weekend that saw the enshrinement of three, scarcely known, long deceased players, Steinberg notes how, "It's easier to dust off a Victorian ancestor with a walrus mustache than to deal directly with the ambiguities of the moment." Read the piece here.