Episode: "Mandala" (Season 2, Episode 11)

Breaking Bad's long shots are almost always devastating. This particular one comes during the surprise shooting of Combo, which sets in to motion the violence of the second season's end.

A kid on a bike circles the dealer, dressed in all white like a cloud. Combo pays him little attention, as he's focused on the two dudes mean mugging him from the car on the corner. Combo's on shaky turf, and he's about to pay.

After the kid puts two round through his enormous fountain drink and into his chest, Combo takes off running. In an extreme long shot of the intersection, you watch Combo fall to the ground while the report fades from the kid on the bike's last shot. Combo gurgles blood and then the car and the kid leave the scene. Like so many of Breaking Bad's best moments, the lack of music is important. This is a quiet moment that becomes more quiet when its reduced to a body bleeding out on the pavement, shot with the detached perspective of a god who's long since left the building. —RS