Episode: "Bullet Points" (Season 4, Episode 4)

Mike Ehrmantraut is Breaking Bad's resident badass. He's not exactly the strong, silent type—he's more the silent, leave-me-the-hell-alone type. But he's also a ruthless enforcer—why else would Gus Fring put so much trust in him to do his dirty work?

In "Bullet Points," we see just how dirty that work can get. Mike's hiding inside a refrigerated Los Pollos Hermanos truck, which comes to a sudden stop. Then, machine gun spray lights up the truck. The gunmen open up the vehicle's rear doors only to be fatally greeted by Mike's own guns. Mike jumps out and touches his right ear, a mangled half-ear that, as we now learn, took a bullet during the attack.

The scene, as a whole, is suspenseful and artfully staged. At one point, Mike looks through one of the truck's bullet holes to inspect the situation beyond the truck's doors, and it's a subtly yet effective decision by episode director Colin Bucksey—it shows that Breaking Bad is incredibly cinematic, and, fictionally, Mike Ehrmantraut isn't afraid to die. —MB