When: Episode 6

The situation: After a one-on-one date in Barcelona, Drew gets a rose and immediately starts snitching. He tells Des that he and some of the other guys pretended to be asleep and could hear James talking about starring on The Bachelor. Des is offended by James not taking her exploitative freak show seriously, so she gets super pissed.

The moment: Contestants on The Bachelorette are a clingy, desperate collection of jerk-offs that milk stories about hearing mommy and daddy fight as kids and then snitch on one another. Michael is king of the snitches. He's like Edward Snowden with a spray tan, there's no trusting that guy. In this particular instance, he conspires with Drew, Kasey, and Chris to body bag James. James' not being there for the "right reasons" might've been the justification, but in reality these hyenas know James is a dumb meathead and will have a hard time defending himself on the hot seat. However, the snitches—as calculated as they are—don't account for Des' stupidity and, rather miraculously, James is able to get out of trouble.