Least hipster feature: Violent crime
Least hipster person: Juicy J
Least hipster moment: March of Ducks

It ain't Nashville. Memphis might have the neon-lit buzz of Beale Street and its history as a music city, including Elvis Presley and Graceland, blues greats like B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf, Johnny Cash, and, ummm, Three Six Mafia, but Memphis doesn't have the same cool kid reputation as its highly-lauded neighbor to the right. Cool modern blues rock hipsters like Jack White and Dan Auerbach don't live in Memphis. They live in Nashville. Then there's the whole issue that Memphis was once at the center of many historical civil rights movements, but now capitalizes more on its BBQ and bar scens, which doesn't appeal to the straight-edge hipster demographic at all. Supported by tourism and a meaningful track record, out of all the cool cities in the South, Memphis is floating by on its charm, but not really its good looks. The city was voted both one of the dirtiest in the country and the absolute ugliest in terms of its anti-hipster denizens. Despite looking like they haven't showered in ten plus days, everyone knows that hipsters are just yuppies in the making and non-beautiful things don't appeal to them. Reference: every musician who gives up his dream and becomes a successful graphic designer in his 30s.