Price may have been the biggest push for getting this Android console craze started. In the middle of a slack development period for major consoles and their $300-500 dollar price tags, the prospect of playing the rapidly growing, and rapidly improving games that were available on your phone, and bringing them to the living room for $99 dollars seemed like a great deal.

Games though run as high as $15, in fact the best seller on Ouya as of now is TowerFall which is free to demo, as Ouya policy states, but $15 to unlock the game. It’s also an exclusive to Ouya, which means it can only be played at the platform, but its exclusivity only lasts for six months. After which it’s rumored that developers will bring their former-exclusives to other platforms, including PC – with more features – not available to original purchasers.

TowerFall is the top seller on Ouya but only sold around two thousand copies, not bad for a single developer, crowd-funded game but that’s extremely low by any other standards.