Netflix isn't the only streaming video service in town with an Emmy anymore: Amazon grabbed its first Emmy today for... personalized video recommendations. What?

That's right, Emmys are actually being given out for video recommendations. It seems like that the Emmy board is giving it their all to get what ever digital content they can into the awards, probably in an attempt to make them more relevant and modern. The award, called the Technology & Engineering Emmy, was given to Amazon because they felt that its recommendations, which categorize films into moods and topics, like "Zombies," "Love," and "Dystopian," were the best on the market. 

“Our goal is to give customers the best possible movie and TV watching experience. That means both enabling customers to find exactly what they’re looking for and helping them discover new TV shows and movies in a personalized way,” said Amazon VP of music and video Bill Carr.

“We’ve made it effortless to discover new content they’ll love, and we will continue to innovate on behalf of our customers to make it even easier and more enjoyable to explore all of the great movies and TV shows on Amazon.”

Take that, Netflix. 

[via Venture Beat]