Being a corrections officer isn't easy. 

Last week, a corrections officer was just trying to drive ten people to the Las Vegas Municipal Jail in a van when he allegedly discovered Carlisa Brookins bent over her seat, fellating Alexis Garcia. The male and female inmates were reportedly separated by rows, but Brookins wasn't about to let restraints hold her back from greatness. 

According to the Las Vegas Sun, when the officer turned on the light, Brookins sat up and asserted that she was not a prostitute because she didn't charge Garcia. A female inmate seated next to Brookins said the the oral sex went on throughout the ride, save for the occasional interruption. Garcia, the stand up guy that he is, reportedly promised to get Brookins off—as in bail her out, you pervs—before they arrived at their destination.

Brookins eventually admitted to performing oral sex on Garcia to make the other men travelling on the bus jealous. Both were charged with voluntary sex act with an inmate and were taken back to Clark County Detention Center.

[via The Huffington Post and Las Vegas Sun]