Sure, New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, may be suiting up in the pinstripes tonight to take on the Chicago White Sox. But in Sony San Diego's MLB 13: The Show? Not a chance. 

Reportedly, The Show conducted their weekly roster update this morning, allowing users to download rosters that reflect week-to-week trades, injuries, and--you guessed it--suspensions. And in case you haven't heard: A-Rod is looking at a pretty lengthy ban right now. 211 games-type lengthy, just to be clear. Rodriguez is currently appealing the suspension, though, which allows him to play on the team until a decision has been reached by the game's governing officials.

But because The Show doesn't like to get caught up in the complicated legalese associated with MLB's appeals process (lolwait, who does?) the developers figured it would be easier for everyone if A-Rod was just suspended outright. So, until further notice, anyone hoping to crush a few bombs out of Yankee Stadium will have to do it with the team's other superstar players like Robinson Cano or the recently-acquired Alfonso Soriano. "Woe is Yankee fans," said no one.  

On top of that, though, The Show's developers have said that this punishment could continue for A-Rod into next season if his suspension continues to stand. Wow. Getting banned from the real world and the virtual one? What's A-Rod supposed to do? Hook on with a local beer league or something? Would they even take him at this point? 

[via Kotaku]

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