Perpetual Internet dilemma: We're not sure if this video merits a spoiler alert of not. Like, knowing Breaking Bad, it's very possible that Aaron Paul wasn't fucking with TMZ when he explained exactly why a movie wouldn't work after the show ends in September. But, also knowing Aaron Paul, it's very possible that he was fucking with TMZ, because, well, it's TMZ. So, we're just going to take this video for what it is, no analyzing. Here we go.

Basically, TMZ ran into Aaron Paul and his new wife Lauren Parsekian in LA, and they asked him whether or not Breaking Bad would be getting a movie after the finale airs next month. Paul seriously responds that it isn't possible, then, when asked why, he claims: "Yeah, because everyone dies in the end." He looks serious, before laughing with the camera guys.

TMZ managing editor Harvey Levin screams in excitment, along with various other TMZ staffers, and they theorize some conspiracy shit that Paul revealed the ending to Breaking Bad because he figured that people would then expect the opposite, when really, he's telling the truth. No, we're not sure where they've all displaced their aluminum foil hats either.

We said we wouldn't analyze, so we won't. We're just sad Aaron Paul didn't call anyone "bitch" in this video.

[via BroBible]