Go-To Spots: Three Squares, East Village Barbers, Graceland

"There are three places I go to get my hair cut. When you’re a dude, you’re either going the high-end route or the barber. If you have a good head of hair and want to keep it looking fresh, hit up Jordan at Three Squares. He is the Michael Jordan of hair stuff. He’s like Tony Hawk with scissors—all finesse. We were there a couple weeks ago and Stefan Janoski was in the chair before us.

"If you have short hair and you want to keep it close cut, hit up Dr. Mike at East Village Barbers. (Tell him Josh Madden sent you for the hook-up.) They have an old fashioned barber shop vibe complete with arguing and Playboy mags.

"For the Brooklyn fellas, hit up Graceland. I’ve known Bethany for five or six years and she’s one of the hardest working people I know—in any business. She’s self-made, blue collar, no frills, awesome to talk to, and damn good with the scissors for any length of hair and any style."