Go-To Spots: 88 Chinese Qi Gong Tui-Na, Union Barbers

"I have three different places that I go to in New York to get 'groomed' up. None of these are particularly cool or trendy, but they are close to where I live or my studio, they’re cheap, and they get the job done. For massages, I go to 88 Chinese Qi Gong Tui-Na at 329 Bowery. Ladies giving full body massages for $42 an hour, I’m not mad at that. My barber is a Dominican dude named Chiky who has a space by Havemeyer and S. 3rd. There’s no sign anywhere to be seen, but he swears the shop is called Union Barbers. For hands and feet, Marcy Nail & Spa—also in South Williamsburg on S. 4th—works for me. I ain’t getting nothing fancy and the ladies already know me, so it’s chill."