Okay, let's call these things what they are. These "toning clothes" basically amount to a magic girdle, except they don't actually do what they promise. Toning clothes fight gravity the same way that your grandmother's undergarments once did (there's an image for you); the only difference between these threads and granny's girdle are the "resistance bands" sewn into them. We were incredibly skeptical when we first heard about this line of fitness wear, then we heard that a University of Virginia study found that these extra tight tights can help you burn 12% more calories than your regular workout underthings. Then we found out that the UVA study was paid for by "shapewear" manufacturer ShaToBu, and their sample size was only 15 women. Needless to say, our skepticism returned with full force.

If you want to waste your money on something for that special lady in your life (and let's be honest, is it anymore worthless than stuffed animal or flowers?), throw your money away here.