Those of you out there who brag about their SAT verbal score probably noticed that the spelling of "scentient" is a bit of a play on words. This is because these dresses come with particular smells built into them, or as the Smart Second Skin team puts it, they are "implanting smell technology into multi-sensorial clothing." We encourage you to head over to the Smart Second Skin website and read their lyrical, pretentious essay they've put together telling you all about the Second Skin. For those of you who have better ways to spend your time, here are the highlights. Apparently, "The Smart Second Skin dress allows the wearer to enter a sixth dimension by creating a rainbow symphony of aromas. This makes us more aware of our own smell sensory universe, which has the capacity to expand our sensory repertoire towards the sixth sense." It does this by creating your "personal smell bubble" which "paves the way to an expanded life."

It doesn't look like you can get your hands on one of these yet, but until then, stay out of our personal smell bubble.