Justice hit Christie Dawn Harris like a sack of bricks. The 28-year-old Oklahoma resident has been sentenced to 25 years in a state prison stemming from an incident where a loaded handgun was found inside of her vagina and three bags of methamphetamine were discovered "wedged in the crack of her buttocks." 

Last week, Harris pleaded no contest to three felonies—gun possession, bringing contraband into jail and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Harris was arrested in early March after another loaded gun, meth and drug paraphernalia were found inside of her car. After being taken to jail, she finally submitted to a cavity search where a female officer spotted a wooden and metal object protruding from her vagina. 

In addition to serving three concurrent 25-year sentences, Judge Steven Kessinger also ordered Harris to pay $1,363 in court fees. Crime doesn't pay; neither does hiding a loaded revolver in your vagina.

[via The Smoking Gun]