“I don’t think anyone, no matter what color you are, deserves to be treated like that,” said Jessica Rosenbaum of a stop-and-frisk experience that has led to her filing a lawsuit against the NYPD. Rosenbaum, a 22-year-old white woman, is suing the police force following an incident that occurred last summer in Williamsburg where she says she was accosted by an officer.

The Essex County, N.J. native was reportedly bending over to pet a neighborhood cat when an "aggressive" plainclothes officer approached her. “I had no idea who he was, [so] I just kept walking," she said. She claims she was thrown against the hood of a car, then asked why he hadn't stopped previously and if she had drugs in her possession. 

A female officer pulled back Rosenbaum's bra and looked inside of her underwear in search of drugs—mind you, she still had no idea these were police officers. Rosenbaum said her tears didn't stop police from threatening to take her to jail and charge her with a felony, but they changed their minds because they "didn’t want [her] to have a bad impression of cops so they were going to let me go.”

 Hey Mayor Bloomberg, what are your thoughts on this one?

[via Gothamist]

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