You’re on a space station and there’s a loud metallic thunk that leaves you in a mild daze. The bulkheads shake as if punched by a massive hammer. In your cramped closet of an office, your coffee goes flying from off your desk. Over a comms monitor you hear a group of elite marines double-timing through a long corridor, shouting.

Pulse rifles begin to fire and the comm goes dead. Through the ventilation shaft, you hear a mournful, guttural roar and the screams of your comrades. You haven’t been trained in firearms – besides, it goes against your job’s protocol anyway – so you wait in your office. An hour goes by; you sigh, grabbing your mop, soap bucket and biohazard disposal gear. Time to get to work.

Not everyone’s cut out to be a space marine, in the line of fire facing down hordes of enemy aliens, cadaverous horrors or radical intergalactic dissenters. Someone has to stay behind to clean up the, uh, messy aftermath.

That’s Viscera Cleanup Detail. Watch the video, vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Don’t forget to wring out the mop.

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