The war between Facebook and Twitter continues to heat up, only this time, social media users are torn over which of the two's respective video-sharing services to jump (or remain) on: Instagram or Vine. We've already witnessed the former's billion-dollar rise to success as the most successful mobile and photo-sharing app ever created. Though it was just this past January when Twitter's video app hit the scene and took on the label as the new Instagram, drawing millions of users in less than a matter of six months: including some of our favorite celebs like Jimmy FallonKate Upton, and soon-to-be Vine legend, Riff Raff

However, what was once a simple choice between photo and video has now become a decision over what program does the latter best thanks impart to Instagram’s recent video-recording update. But before any of us can reach a verdict, let's look at both apps and single out each's performance strengths. So if you're still on the fence about joining one over the other, look over our Vine vs. Instagram Video breakdown and see which is better.

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