Platform(s): Wii
Year Released: 2011

Twilight Princess had many Zelda-faithful excited for the possibilities that the Wii would open up to the sword-wielding, bow-shooting world that our favorite Hylian hero inhabited. Unfortunately, the execution wasn't as smooth as we hoped, and while Twilight Princess was a respectable title, it didn't quite live up to the name of the franchise, based on expectations. However, where Twilight failed, Skyward Sword admirably picked up the slack, introducing a fun and intuitive pack of hack-and-slash controls that more fully utilized the motion-sensing aspects of the Wii, and helped to bring one of gaming's richest worlds to life. The Zelda series has long been one of the most revered and respected in the history of gaming, and in Skyward Sword fans of the franchise finally got a seventh-generation title that deserved to be included in its canon.