Need a beer? Hashtag it. Want to meet that girl you saw by the pool? Hashtag it. Sound strange? It's real, and this is what it's like at the Sol Wave House hotel in Mallorca, Spain. 

Sol Wave is billing itself as the first "Twitter Experience Hotel." Packed with two surfable wave pools, spa services, six resturants, bars and lounges, the hotel is attempting to up the ante with #hashtags plastered anywhere and everywhere, in a scheme they're calling #SocialWave. It's only available through the hotel's Wi-Fi, and customers have to register for it with their Twitter accounts.

The hotel has two "Twitter Concierges" who handle guest requests via Twitter and generate conversation within the digital community. So, what about that beer? Hashtag #fillmyfridge to summon room service for more. There are also #TwitterPartySuites, and a #TwitterPoolParty (just remove "Twitter" from the hashtag and that's basically what they are, a party suite and pool party.) Where it gets interesting, though, is that every guest is logged into #SocialWave, so guests can hypothetically surf through profiles, find an attractive person in the hotel and meet up. 

Sounds fun. If you can't make it to Spain, looks like you're out of luck. Well, unless you're the type to actually walk up to someone and say "hi." But who does that anymore? 

[via Cosmo]