Thrasher: Skate & Destroy was a game based off the popular skateboarding magazine.

Thrasher was released the same year as Tony Hawk’s game, which caused a bit of a rivalry when it comes to skateboarding titles. Thrasher was not an easy pick up and play game; it was more of an actual skater simulation, which gave it a more difficult learning curve.

Once you got over the tough learning curve, you got to experience one of the greatest skateboarding games ever made. Unlike THPS, this game didn’t feature any actual real life pro skaters, instead it featured six slightly customizable skaters. You could even get arrested in this game, if you got arrested you would lose your score and have to start the level over.

The soundtrack alone was memorable, it featured authentic hip-hop music. Artists like Gangstarr and A Tribe Called Quest provided the tunes as you kicked & pushed to give it that authentic skate park feel. Thrasher never really got the shine it deserves because of the THPS series but it’s definitely a favorite for the challenge seeking gamers, hip-hop lovers, and actual skaters.