Skate 2 (2009) picks up where the original Skate left off.

This time around, you are now a professional skater building up your endorsements and skating with other pros as your peers. You spend your time filming skateboarding videos and shooting skate tricks for popular skate magazines. This game takes place 5 years after the first title and skateboarding is now outlawed because of your crazy antics in the first game.

Skate 2 features a mode called Hall of Meat. Hall of Meat gives crappy skaters the advantage because the object of the game is to fall in the most hideous way and deal out the most damage to your skater. Hall of Meat is very popular online, the creative ways people come up with to hurt themselves during the game is guaranteed entertainment. The coolest aspect about Skate 2 is that it supplements Skate 1 so you don’t feel bad for owning both titles as you would feel when buying a new sports title.