There's a little treasure in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park. It's called Fort Greene. No, the Brooklyn neighborhood didn't up and move to Japan, there's a restaurant sharing the name that serves predominantly French cuisine and is what chef Makoto Asamoto considers an ode to the place he considers a second home. 

Fort Greene also captures the little details that he picked up while working in kitchens in Ascale and Normandy. But that still doesn't explain why he named the place Fort Greene. Asamoto says he lived there for an inspirational year after leaving France. "I wanted [this place] to have the same mood I felt in the cafes around Fort Greene," he explained to Bon Appétit"My food is mostly French, but the restaurant itself is my interpretation of Brooklyn."

The restaurant has a very "at home" atmoshere, mostly because it's located in a house. There's a single table that typically seats just 10, and Asamoto operates the stove just a foot away. Roughly 80 percent of the customers are regulars who have become fans of the homemade granola, Moroccan lamb shoulder and baked meatballs. Their reason for coming back? The ambiance Asamoto worked so diligently to create.

[via Bon Appétit]