As seen in: Married to Medicine (Bravo)

What can get two educated women who married into a higher tax bracket to brawl in ball gowns? Somebody's mama getting shaded, of course. On the most special episode of Married To Medicine, Mariah and Toya got into a fight after Toya noted that her mama would never disrespect Mariah the way Mariah's mama Lucy came for her neck. Mariah, trying to be cute, ended up putting her hands way too close to the Detroit native's face. A fight ensued, and while Lucy did ultimately jump in—to bang Toya on the head with her purse—technically Toya got far more licks in. That is, if you're into keeping up with that sort of thing. By the way, "two bitches fighting in ball gowns" is a quote from their co-star, Dr. Simone, so don't come for us.